Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve!

Yes, we were the crazy ones who waited until today to finish our Christmas shopping.

We went pretty early in the morning, so we actually beat most of the crowds at the mall. We had our lists, left our babies at home, and conquered!

Highlights in hilarity:

Himself: See that shiny red outfit in the store window? I'd pay you $100 if you wore it to church on Sunday.

Me: Those are pajamas!

Himself: $200 . . . .

At Target, we were repeatedly blocked from all progress. There was a woman in front of us at one point whose hips stood at least 12" wider than each side of her shopping cart. As she ambled along, she would drift, with her cart, toward whichever side she happened to be perusing. Himself was following behind me with our cart and I would try to go around her one way; she'd drift and cut me off. I'd try heading to the other side of her; she'd drift and cut me off.

Finally, I feigned right and when she went to cut me off, I zigged to the left! Ha!

Immediately, a man with shoulders the size of Texas stepped from an aisle and blocked my way.

I couldn't believe it.

The two of them blocked the entire aisle. I just prayed and prayed that they didn't know the meaning of Himself's laughter! He practically had tears streaming down his cheeks, he was laughing so hard!

I finally ducked down an aisle to cut across the store. The whole time Himself was chanting, "She's coming at ya! She's gonna get ya!" which of course referred to Miss Wide Angle. Finally, I successfully popped out into the area of intention and let out a "HA!"

At that moment, a very familiar voice spoke in my ear with, "What are you guys getting?"


Sons should not sneak up on their mothers who are shopping at Christmas.

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