Thursday, December 23, 2010

Since the Pinkie Swear

Ok, the update:

Himself has already shed 10 pounds, simply by not drinking any soda or milkshakes since the pinkie swear.

Don't hate, people. He can't help it that he's male.

I'd like to say I've lost 3 pounds. Of course, it can never be that simple - I bought these new shoes and they add (not kidding) two pounds (we checked) and then at work there's a scale in the bathroom that also looks to be off by two pounds and that's just too much math for me to handle when all I want is chocolate.

Our dear patients are determined to sabotage my efforts. This week we've been gifted with cake, cookies, truffles, bon bons, crackers, Belgian chocolate cups, more cookies, etc. I had to do a double pinkie-swear with Nancy to keep out of it!

Good thing she won't be in the office today.

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