Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brrrr. ...

It was fun and strange at the same time to be back on the mountain. So many familiar faces, but so many unfamiliar ones, too! I was basically stuck at the Greeter position all night because they needed a trainer to re-certify me. It was cooooold, friends. I had stopped on the way to work and bought a pair of tights to wear under my costume, had a long-sleeved shirt under my costume, a jacket, and two pairs of gloves. The only things that got really cold were my fingers and my nose. I may have to go to costuming again and ask for a beannie hat!

Highlight of the evening:

I saw a group of young gentlemen wearing familiar high school shirts and sweatshirts. Turns out they went to the same high school I did in California! I was so happy and excited to see them, and they told me of all the changes happening at my old school. I immediately wrote them a fast pass and one of them asked me which year I graduated.

They passed me again with high fives as they were going through the fast pass line. One of them, the one who asked which year I graduated, stopped and asked me, "Hey did you know Jackie B?"

"Jackie B? I graduated with her!"

"She's my Mom."

I didn't care. I grabbed him and hugged him. =)

The park was so full last night. There were two e-stops, which makes the wait time much, much longer. At one time we had a 200 minute wait for standby! For most of the night, it was 160 minutes! I spent my entire time at greeter saying, "Yes, the wait time is REALLY 160 minutes. That's 2 hours and 40 minutes. Yes, the wait time is REALLY 160 minutes!" We were able to clear most of it out during the fireworks and the longest it was after that was 30 minutes. From 12 am to 1 am it was a straight walk through.

When I left at 1:30, I had to sit and warm up the car quite a bit before I could drive home. It was covered in ice! As people would get to their cars and warm up, the steam from their exhausts would flow over my car and freeze. Cars that were by themselves or where no one had left yet were fine.

Tonight, I'm praying a trainer will be available to re-certify me so I can go through rotation. This means they have to explain to me the new cell phone policy and new lost child policy, click it off on my account, and then I'm qualified to push buttons again.

Off to check the weather report!

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