Monday, February 07, 2011


Drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard, I have been getting rid of unwanted items. This part has been pretty easy.

I just bought a new skillet that works more efficiently. Why am I hanging on to the old one?

Herbs and spices with expired dates? No problem! Toss 'em!

How did I get 4 boxes of the same tea? Consolidate!

It was a little harder going through the books in my bedroom.

I love books.

Some were easier to toss, but some gave me pause. The thing that amused me was all the books that had markers in them, either half-way or a quarter-way through. ADD much? After I blew the dust off, I boxed them off.

It's going to be a little harder to do in the school room because I'm still home schooling. I think Glenna might need this or that . . . but there's really only a select few that she'll need. After this year, for example, I can donate all of my books on Ancient History. Yay! After next year, all of the Medieval books, etc.

What's really "cooking my grits" on this whole de-clutter thing are the mementos I've received or anything with a strong memory attached to it. I have drawers and boxes with this stuff! I received these texts from Kelly:

Bravo, Mom!
I'm really excited about all this purging going on. I think it's a great thing.

Go Mom go! It's just stuff! You'll be without it someday, why not now? Just think; clean open space. Nothing about the people they remind you of will change with the absence of an object.

I'm going to have to print that last sentence or memorize it as I do this. "Nothing about the people they remind you of will change with the absence of an object."

I can do this!


Anonymous said...


Let me know when you get rid of those Ancient History and Midieval History books. I may want/need them for my boys.


DaDaHaZaReJe said...

The decluttering bug must be in the air... and here I thought it was pollen! Anyway, I'm doing it too - but I'm a bit behind you, actually just getting off to a good start but so determined! Thanks for the encouragement! And Kelly, those are wise words!


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