Friday, February 04, 2011

Hey Mom . . .

Here's some photos from where I work. I was downloading new software onto each computer and I had a little time to kill.

This is one of the dental rooms. So great that I actually know what everything is now. On the first day, Tabitha was showing me how to break down a room and she picked up this tiny sliver of metal and said, "Oh look! I almost threw this away!" I remember thinking that nothing that small would ever be noticed by me. Now, however, I know it's a 330 short bit for the high speed hand piece. Oh yeah!

Here's what you see when you're sitting in the dental chair:
As I was sitting here (waiting for the download, people! I'm no slacker!), a calico cat walked past the window. Made me laugh.

If you look over to the right while sitting in the chair, you get to see this:
Take care of your teeth, you guys.

You also see this:
See? Dr. D can take those ugly metal fillings out of your mouth and make them pretty and white again. He has done that for me on the top and we're almost finished with the bottom.

I love my job!

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