Monday, February 07, 2011

Snowflake's Big Day***

Hi, my name is Snowflake!

Normally, I'm at college with Kelly. This week, however, she let me stay at home so I could go to a very important appointment. I went to the dentist!

At this dentist office, I was warmly greeted and then offered my choice of coffee, tea, or water.
Everyone knows a bear doesn't drink coffee or tea. Good thing I found Miss Nancy's stash of hot chocolate.

The waiting room was very comfortable and relaxing, with plenty of magazines and books to read.

Too soon, my name was called and I was escorted to the back room.
This chair can seem really big and really scary to a little bear like me!

Dr. D came in and he could see that I was a little nervous.
He took the time to carefully explain everything that they'd be doing. I was only in for a checkup, he said, so I it wouldn't take long at all.

The Dental Assistant, Tabitha, is a real nice lady!
She knows just which instruments to hand to Dr. D, even before he asks for them!

Open wide!

Suction and irrigating . . .

All finished!
Dr. D says my bear teeth are in perfect health because of all the brushing and flossing I do!

He did recommend that I use a mouthwash to kill any remaining germs. It would also help with my bear breath.

I blushed.

I got to look at some x-rays of my teeth.
That was amazing!

My next step was to see Miss Nancy, the Financial Coordinator.
I have dental insurance, so I only needed to pay a small co-payment for this visit.

The last stop was with LeeAnne, the Patient Coordinator.
She helped me set up my next appointment and wrote out a reminder card so I wouldn't forget.

My experience at the dental office was so great!

Who knows . . . maybe some day I could work at a dental office too . . .

. . .maybe. . . .someday. . .

***Kelly left Snowflake in the car by accident. He is being mailed to her today, along with these photos. She has no idea what her bear has been up to, and she's unable to access my blog at school. Heh heh . .


Jessica Leigh said...

Sooo cute!
She will be tickled pink to get those photos!

Ruth said...

J O A N N A ~~~~ How adorable, precious & wonderful~~ I love it!! You are so talented!! <3 Love you. :-)))

IBPaddy said...

You did a WONDERFUL JOB on this... make a book for kids to read! SUPER ^5!!!!!

Mrs said...

*Update: Kelly laughed and laughed when she got the photos! She couldn't believe everyone in the office went along with it, especially Dr. D and Tab!


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