Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tale as Old as Time

Twenty-Five Years ago, I married my friend.

We have learned to laugh together, live together, and love together.

The following photos, as anyone with 25 years of marriage can attest, is only a small glimpse into all we have experienced. We are so far from who we were then, and we have so far to go. . .

. . . but we'll get there. . . together.

Because I didn't want to take my albums apart to scan, I simply photographed the photographs. My apologies for the poor quality!

John's Grad NIght, our first "real" date. June 1982

JoAnna's Senior Prom. May, 1984.

February 15, 1986

We are homeowners for the first time!

Our firstborn, a son! Tyler Neil.

May I have this figure back?


I remember when we were dating, I said to Himself, "If you can't give me a 50th wedding anniversary, then don't marry me."

He's half-way there.


agable said...

Love love love! Such a beautiful family!

Virginia said...

Beautiful!!!! Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

I love it! Happy Anniversary to such a wonderful couple and dear friends. The things the Lord has done in and through your marriage are wonderful to behold. We love you!

(Still can't get over pictures of John with hair, lol!)


Raquel said...

Glenna has shown me some of your scrapbooks before, so I recognized some of these pictures. I love your family. (:

Happy anniversary! See you soon! <3

Jessica Leigh said...

This is precious!
Hope you had the time of your life! :D


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