Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Jessie

You're right, I need to blog! Many times I am having to share my computer with our French student, Cloe, though. In fact, I came in early to work so I could write this to you before clocking in!

We are all preparing for Sarita and Nathan's wedding. Wish you were here!

Kelly got her bottom braces on yesterday. Wish you were here!

Glenna still loves her room. Wish you could see it!

Himself was in Cleveland all week, and we're about to do something crazy and radical. Wish you were here, as I know you'd approve!

My Disney pass was expired and I couldn't get into the Park. That was embarrassing. I had used them all. Glad you weren't here for that one.

I don't know what news Ty has told you, so if he has any as surprises, I won't say anything to ruin anything that may be ruined!

Much love and hugs,

PS I hope your food is holding out!


agable said...

Okay ladies, I am intrigued! Miss you both!

Jessica Leigh said...

I know nothing, so this is wonderful!
Crazy and radical?! Without me? Please document.

Much love to you all and many smoothies to Kelly!
Blessings to Sarita! Say hi to my friend Sarah (the pianist) for me.

Glenna, don't forget to take pictures. I'm counting on you.



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