Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear Jessie

For a clue to the craziness, click here.


Don't worry, there will be plenty to do when you return!

Yesterday, we started decorating the church for the wedding. Getting so excited!

Kelly got her hair cut and it's FABULOUS.

Cloé has told us that it's "never too early or too late" for chocolate. I wish you could hear her pronounce "chocolate." It's like "Choc - o - layte." =) I want to say it that way all the time now! The girl has it bad on the Moose Tracks.

Ty's truck is parked here. Makes me smile to see it when I come home each day.

I'm trying to find time and a good excuse to go see Julia! If she's speaking anywhere, I want to know about it. I'll text your Mom.

I'll hug your mom, too. I'm sure she wouldn't mind!

The dental office was crazy yesterday. You'll have to hear the details when you get home since I don't want broadcast it on the internet! I'm so proud of our Team and the way they handled everything!

Oh, and someone we both love whose initials are AG bought a house! Aaaahhhh!!! So happy!

That's all for now!

PS Glenna took Cloé to the W's and they watched Anne of Green Gables. And ate ice cream. With peanutbutter. Life is good!

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Jessica Leigh said...

I can't tell what's in the green jar. ><
I've heard plenty of French natives speak of "choc-o-layte!" :)

Tell that Kelly girl to email me!
If you see my family, give hugs from me!


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