Friday, July 01, 2011

For Glenna (and a ton of photos!)

While Glenna was at Youth Camp with her church youth group, I decided we'd do an Extreme Makeover on her room. It was time! Her bed was one we had from California and it was horrible. The boards had broken on the box spring and it sagged in the middle. It also smelled badly and I'm sure it wasn't good for her back!

Kelly and Glenna were having some sister time, browsing on the computer, so Kelly was able to spy out what her sister would like for a new bedroom. Glenna left on Monday and we got to work! Himself was supposed to be out of town from Tuesday to Thursday and I agonized over that since it meant he'd have to paint and then we'd decorate, all in one day. Thankfully, he came home Wednesday night! He did one coat of yellow on Wednesday night, then he would head upstairs to paint a coat in between his calls and work. The painting was completely finished by Thursday!

We were also trying to prepare Ty's former room for our visiting student, CloƩ. I could not have done everything I did without the tremendous help of my Kelly! She braved Ikea with me, still recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed. I was so thankful to have her to help me focus, make decisions, and do the labor. Paul H also came and helped move things up and down these stairs, which is a story itself!

We had already taken out the top mattress and a lot of stuff from the floor before I realized I needed some "before" photos!

The room is 7' by 9' and there really wasn't room for this dresser. We put it in Ty's old closet for guests. I decided to get bins for her clothing that would fit under her bed.

We gutted the room completely and then the painting began.
This is actually something he enjoys on occasion. He says it's therapeutic.

First coat. It would take three to cover.

Re-arranging her tiny closet.

We had to take apart her school desk in order to get it up the stairs.

Kelly and I sat in the room once the painting was finished and agonized for quite a while on where we would place everything. It looks like she's about to film an action shot in front of a green screen!

The next morning, the assembly work begins!

First Branch.


They peel and stick easily. It will be interesting to see the durability!

We originally wanted to place these next to the bird picture, below, but we decided they were a more delightful surprise hiding on the side of the desk where she could only see them when she was in bed.

I just loved this squatty little lamp at Ikea!

Finished tree! We deliberately left some frames empty for Glenna to fill with her photography.

This is the quilt that started the entire thing. She fell in love with it in a Pottery Barn for Teens catalog quite a while ago. I think she had her fingers crossed when it went on sale!

Navy blue Jersey sheet, Target. Yellow Polka-Dot duvet from Ikea. Accent pillows from Target.

She really needed a central place for books and study. No school books yet, because she's FINISHED for the summer!

The next series of photos were taken as I stood in the corner of her room, waiting for her to come in. I apologize for the blurriness, but all I had was my iPod!

Talking to Kelly. . . .

. . . .beginning to register. . . .

. . . she sees The Quilt!

My Desk!

"I can't believe it!"

What's this???

She sees the tree. . .

It's so pretty!

One Happy Girl


Raquel said...

Aww you left up the pictures of us (:

Love it all! I love the tree especially! She told me all about it on the phone but I love seeing the pictures and her reaction! (:

scp said...

HGTV could use you and your painter! Excellent job, and the perfect reveal reaction from Glenna!

Jessica Leigh said...

Love, love, love!!!

agable said...

You are the coolest momma ever! How fun!

Anonymous said...

How wonderfully fun! I am sure that all your thoughtfulness and work made her feel incredibly loved and special.

It's beautiful!


Kimber said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the details!

The Goob said...

Is that MY room?! It's so purty! I love it so much! God sure loves me and gave me the best family ever. =)

Nona said...

This is GREAT! I love that it's all recorded in pictures, especially Glenna's reaction when she saw the room. What a wonderful surprise! (Kristen Linduff)

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise for Glenna! You all did a great job on the room.


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