Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Other Room

These are the photos of Ty's former room. It was the first room Himself painted when we moved into this house, seven years ago. The paint still looked great, but we had to clear out Ty's leftover "stuff" and get it ready for our guest! Glenna was able to help with this before she left for camp.

I really need to invest in a camera! This is a futon in the corner. We covered it with a slate grey sheet from Ikea.

When I picked Cloé up from the airport, I was explaining to her the surprise we had waiting for Glenna. She saw these photographs and asked if Glenna liked horses. When I told her that this was actually HER room, she was so delighted!

White duvet and sheets with slate grey pillowcases.

In hindsight, I would not have chosen such a patterned curtain for the closet area. It really limited our choices on bedding.

I left this photo in there. It's the little boy who used to occupy this room. ;-) So cute!

I'm glad Cloé was here for Glenna's surprise! She was understandably exhausted and we all went to bed early.

Except for Glenna. I could hear her exploring her new room all night. =)

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Jessica Leigh said...

Beautiful! The upstairs is a girls' hangout now!


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