Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Day So Sweet

The cat's out of the bag now - my Kelly and her Paul are getting married! If you want the details, you'll have to ask them, but here's the way it went down from my end! 

After kind of a rough start, I let them in to Epcot and then gave the, "OK I LOVE YOU BUH BYE!" We said we would meet up for dinner at 7 at the Bier Garten in Germany. But first, a photo:

Since I knew what was happening and Kelly didn't (though she highly suspected!), I wondered where I could go until 7pm and NOT run into them?

I realized the perfect "hiding place" would be where my family NEVER wants to go: Character Meet and Greets! I made it my goal to take selfies with my favorites!
The Boss! Mickey! He's my Pal.

Goofy! I asked him not to put my eye out with his whiskers.

Minnie! She gives the BEST hugs!

 Here in Future World, this lady zoomed past me on this cart. I knew I had to capture a photo and trotted to catch up, phone at the ready. She probably could have had me arrested had she known I was tailing her, but PUH-LEASE! Her HAIR!


I had my sunflower umbrella with me that my cousin, Richard, bought when we were there with them. It's so perfect to have shade wherever you go on a hot, Florida day.
 While I was standing in line for the next Character meet, this little boy from England couldn't resist touching my umbrella. We had a fun conversation about weather in England vs. weather in California. Cute kid!


 Since I was fighting a headache (and trying not to think about what was possibly happening RIGHT THEN, somewhere in the WORLD), I stopped at this cart for an espresso, which does WONDERS to fight migraines. I asked the cast member if I could have a frozen cappuccino (because it was so hot out) but with a shot of espresso because I was fighting a headache. She said, "Oh, of COURSE!" and proceeded to charge me for BOTH DRINKS. Total came to nine dollars. NINE. I just gave her a look and paid.

BUT OH. . . . then this wonderful thing happened. As she was making my espresso, the cast member with her exploded the chocolate syrup and got it all over her. I couldn't help it. I whipped out my camera and took pictures with a big smile on my face.
Here it is on her face.

Click on the photo - see her in the background with it all over her leg? Hee hee!

Suddenly, this tasted so much sweeter. 

I was texting like crazy with Kelly's best friend, Kate, and with Paul's Mom, and with my Jessie. I decided to hide out in Mexico.

I finally found a Hidden Mickey on the Gran Fiesta ride! See it?

Waiting for Donald.

I had the camera facing the wrong way and told him I didn't know how to do it right because I was a mom, and he tickled my back in response!

Finally, I started walking toward Germany. Before I got there, my phone rang! Two very happy, very giddy people were calling me from ITALY, telling me the deed was done and they are getting married. I immediately blew kisses to them and told them I'd see them in Germany. They spent the next hour contacting family and friends!

When they found me, we laughed and cried and hugged and all the strangers around us were laughing and smiling, too! Here's Kelly, finally able to talk to her sister, who FINALLY got her break from work:

She's laughing and crying at the same time. Glenna was so excited that Kelly couldn't understand a word she was saying!

Best selfie of the day!

After dinner, I went home and left them there. We're all still smiling and very, very thankful. We love Paul and can't wait to call him our own!

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I've never seen that button! I was going to tell them to get anniversary buttons, but this one is far superior!

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