Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet Saturday

My Baby Girl Graduated!

I'm realizing this is probably the best photo I have of her in her graduation dress. It's in the dressing room!

Himself and I waiting in the car before the ceremony. Slightly giddy.

The siblings and Paul!

The school we used as a home school umbrella school was very small, with nine graduates total. I think Glenna had the largest guest representation, though!

The T family


More friends and a friend Dad (also a friend!)

I was lucky to be sitting in the same row with our Grad, but this woman in red was sitting at an angle, so she blocked my view the entire time. I had to crane around her to get this shot.

Zoomed in and blurry

Almost her turn! We hollered the most! (Thanks, Paul!)

Jessie got a better shot of her actually getting her diploma, but it's on the other camera. These are all from my cell phone. My favorite thing to do is to keep snapping photos and I catch the most hilarious scenes. I wish you could hear conversations, but the photos are funnier than a video would be!


Beckleberry's Dad. So thankful for this family and their role in her life!

Sister Jess!


(Grabbing these hugs while I can)

"Moooom! We didn't get Paul in any of the photos!"

Haha! I did this on purpose. I have so many photos of Bek taken at exactly the wrong (right!) time.

Ok. . . look over here. . .

Why isn't my camera going?

Wait! There it goes. . .

Arrrggghh!!! What's wrong with it??

Ok, ready again???

Dang it! It did it again!

"Ok, Mom, now JUST US with Glenna." (Brother goes off to pout)


"Tyler, no! I didn't mean it like THAT . . . "

"I'm sorry! I love youuuu!!!"

These three were on the youth group music team all four years together.


I love these secret sister shots below. I wish I could have heard their conversation.

Our blessed youth pastor (and Tyler's best man), Josh.

Friends checking out her picture board.

And candy. ;)

Next year, it's THIS GIRL'S turn!


Jessica Leigh said...

You weren't kidding when you said you took over two-hundred! ;)

Hooray, Goobie!

Anonymous said...

Love it! (and all of you :D)



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