Thursday, December 04, 2008

Believing God

The ability to believe God develops most often through experience.
Faithful yesterday, He will not be unfaithful today.
--Beth Moore

I am discovering how wonderfully believable God is.

Growing up, I lived with a bunch of jokers who loved to tease, often unmercifully! (Sure, it's all fun and games until someone pokes their eye out . . . ) While I don't feel scarred from this experience, it has certainly left me with a wariness. I don't often believe the first thing people tell me, especially if there's any kind of gleam in their eye. :-D

Have you ever had a thought nagging in the back of your mind, and then suddenly it shines forth with perfect clarity? The truth has been there all along but the mind suppressed it. It doesn't make it less true when it was suppressed, but the unleashing makes it immediately real.

Our youth pastor, Josh H., spoke of Adam and Eve listening to the serpent. He had this to say in this week's devotional:

Stop for a minute and take your garden pulse. Are you listening to the crafty voice of relativism and doubting that God is the final authority on truth? Are you living as though God is merely full of good opinions but not absolute truth? Are you trusting in your own ability to reason and chose what you think is right?

For so long I have gone on my own strength and knowledge. While we're not to be mindless weaklings, so much of my energy has been wasted trying to figure things out on my own when the truth is present all along. When I'm able to release my will to His truth, the peace flooding within is incomparable.

It has made all the difference.

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