Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Numbers Game

My Dad is an insulin dependent diabetic. When I heard he was coming here and I would be responsible for feeding him diabetes-compatible foods, you can bet I hit the internet hard and heavy.

I found out that good numbers are between 80 and 120. This is optimum for his well-being and mental stability.

If his numbers are whacky, Dad gets a little whacky, too.

Each morning and evening, Dad hollers out his numbers.



64. Oops, too low. Had to give him some orange juice after that one.

143!!! (I blame the potatoes on that one. OR, it could have been the chocolate-covered cherries his wife purchased.)

It has become almost a game for me to see how good I can get his numbers. This morning was probably my best score yet with 84. :-)

On a side note: My dear friend, BA, has a new niece! Molly E.A. F. was so eager to meet everyone, she arrived at 31 weeks instead of 40 weeks. She weighed a whopping 3lbs, 10oz and was breathing without assistance within hours! Please pray for Molly and her Mama - they were all vacationing away from home so they're not even at their own hospital. It's so hard on everyone - pray Molly will continue to thrive and get to go home soon!

Praise - Molly's Grandma got to be at the hospital when she was born because of this vacation. Since they live in different states, this was a true blessing!


Rachel said...

Actually, they drove to their hospital because it was only and hour and a half away and it is a good hospital for premies. Thank God they didn't come to our house! Please continue to pray, it was very hard for them to leave Mollie today. They both cried.

Phyllis said...

I just figured out that I know Mollie's family. Praying!


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