Thursday, December 18, 2008


Since I'm having trouble downloading anything new from my camera, I was clicking through other pictures on my computer. I thought I would throw out a bunch of random photos that don't really have anything to do with each other.

One night this year Glenna had an impromptu sleep over. This was fine with be because I know the use and value of ear plugs. In other words, I slept.

We were telling them about Himself and his siblings used to leg wrestle. Of course, they had to try it out.

Bekah appears to be the victor here. Part of her strategy was to get Glenna laughing, apparently!

Glenna and Natalie give it a go. Yes, it's blurry, but it is an action shot. We had to lock the dog away before they started . . . we only had Jack at the time and he certainly wasn't going to put up with any Jr. High shenanigans.

Ahh, breakfast in jammies. Syrupy goodness with cool orange juice. I cannot guarantee that this was actually at breakfast time, though.

Isn't this a great picture of Kelly? I just love it. She was telling her Dad about an event of the day. Either that or she was trying to convince him to go to Blockbuster for a movie.

Ty was visiting Paul one night with his friends. As they were preparing to leave, Paul's mom said, "Wait! Let me get a picture!" They all grabbed Paul and she pointed and shot in the dark. She was so thrilled when she got back in the house and saw what a great photo she had captured!

Ty, Zach, Snyder, and Paul.

Paul is the new bass player for Evangelin! He also plays music for our Trek group on Wednesdays, along with Brett (not shown).

Here was my view during Jessie's graduation in May:
Seriously, Tyler B. You had to sit right in front of me. Seriously?

I watched this young man grow, graduate, and marry. One of six boys, he served in the Marines and did a tour in Iraq. He and his wife have a beautiful little girl!
Since they weren't yet locked into a church when they returned to Florida, they asked our pastor to perform the baby dedication. It does my heart good to see our young people growing in the Lord and committed to serving Him!

This is our youth pastor, Josh, and his beautiful wife, Kimberly!

Their firstborn is due in March and we cannot wait to meet him. This is another young man I watched grow through high school, wrestle with God, and now is the only man God could have possibly brought to our church at this time to minister to our youth (my children especially!). I am so, so thankful for Josh and Kimberly and their love for our children!

And there you have it; random photos from the forgotten files.


agable said...

I loved looking at all your photos :).

Rachel said...

it's a good thing you didn't post a picture of my leg wrestling rounds. I was dominated every time. Very difficult to do with small legs.

psisses: the sound a snake makes?

Jess said...

You had to look at Tyler B's head my entire graduation?
I looked at some boy's head the whole time, too, except he had an annoying blue hat with a tassel that wouldn't stop moving!
(Who am I kidding? I was on my phone the whole time. ;)

Anonymous said...

i beat Glenna that round, I think.



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