Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday, AGAIN?

I have nothing to blog about.

Nothing that won't embarrass my family and bite me in the hiney later, that is.

I owe library fines. AGAIN.

I'm missing a library book. AGAIN.

I have resolved so many times NOT to use the library anymore. I can't afford it! It would be cheaper to simply buy the books I need. Which, coincidentally, is what I'm doing for most of Glenna's school next year. I love Beautiful Feet Books!

We had a wonderful holiday weekend and got so many things done! The girls have decorated the house (minus the tree) for Christmas. Thanks to my friend BA, I have re-evaluated my grumpiness over this season and have decided to embrace it as a true celebration. I can do this!

However, I will not, WILL NOT, give into materialism, commercialism, and greed. Where's that "Merry Tossmas" video?


Rachel said...
Here is the Merry Tossmas 2008 video!

BA said...

I did notice your decorations! Your girls did a beautiful
job :-). I can't wait to see your tree because I've found everyone's tree is so different and reflects that person's personality.


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