Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming Back

I am finally able to breathe a little more clearly and don't have to blow my nose every five minutes (or less). Himself has been concerned enough to take care of dinner and pray for me . . . we do have the high school camp out this weekend, after all!

To those of you who saw me drinking the Frappicino at church on Sunday; yes, it gave me a migraine. Yes, it was worth it. It will probably be another six months before I hear that satisfying POP of the lid and drink that sweet nectar. My apologies to my family who had to put up with my suffering.

Other happenings:

*Logan G. was born, finally! Jess has some pictures on her site.

*I am seeking part-time work. Prayers appreciated! I have an interview on Monday at 4:00.

*I hate/love that I'm seeking part-time work. Himself and I see this as temporary. My heart is at home.

*No, Glenna will NOT go to public school.

*Kelly graduates soon! May 7! Where has the time gone?

*I had my first smoothie of the season. Still a little too chilly outside, but it was good.

Tomorrow, we shop for the camp out. Prayers for a perfect Florida weekend are appreciated.


Jessica Leigh said...

I opened the door to discover a BIG (and I mean Costco-sized) bag of Ghirardelli chocolates.
I ate some. And I ate chocolate chips yesterday. Oh, and there were those chocolate no-bake cookies on Monday...
Oops. This sorta turned into a confessional. Unfortunately, there's no way to do penance for these deeds.

Mrs said...

Unfortunately, the penance is pain!

Matthew Icardi said...

What type of part-time job are you looking for? By the way, THANK YOU! Thanks you! Thank you! For opening your house to our group two weekends ago. It was so nice and very kind of you:)

Mrs said...

Barnabas, anything, really. Just need to earn enough for housing and books! Clerical, whatever. I have an interview on Monday . . . we'll see how it goes. =)


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