Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Click here for Jessie's take on Tennessee and more photos!

Last night, Ty took us to downtown Nashville to see the sights. Jessie had already been twice, so we didn't feel too badly that she had to miss it (though we missed HER!).

When walking down Broadway in Nashville, there's an entire section that is nothing but music venues. Of course it's all about selling liquor, but one can hear blaring band after band in this one city block.

How cool is THAT?

Wherever there's money or liquor, there's sure to be vagrants and panhandlers. Last night was no exception. There were signs everywhere warning tourists to not give them money as "panhandling is NOT the solution!" I was thankful to have Himself as my bodyguard and blocker, and Ty kept his sisters close.

Some of them simply sat with their guitars and played while their opened guitar cases did the begging for them. Some of them stumbled unsteadily toward us and blatantly asked for money. One gentleman, however, topped them all in his cleverness and approach.

As we crossed a busy intersection amid a small crowd of sight-seers, there was suddenly a middle-aged man loudly joining our group with, Warning! There is a black man now approaching on your port side! Do not make any sudden moves nor panic at his appearance - he is mostly harmless.

Since we naturally laughed and made our own jokes, he fell into step with us and continued what became his most flowery speech.

Because of the jovial nature of your persons, I wonder if I might inquire of you a response. I have been pondering a particular oratory, resounding and resplendent with adjectives of which I have yet to describe. If I could impose upon your person for this pondering of which I'm about to inquire, it is my hope that by with this oratory resounding with adjectives of which I am yet to describe that I would be able to secure further funding for the INFCF which, as I will henceforth enlighten you, is the IndePENdent Negro Fried Chicken Fund. As the current accounts for the, as I mentioned, IndePENdent Negro Fried Chicken Fund is completely depleted, it is my hope to convince you . . .

By this time, we were laughing so hard we couldn't really hear what he was saying. It was HILARIOUS! I seriously wish I had a few dollars to give him. It was worth at least five dollars of entertainment!


Raquel said...

Haha! That's so funny! :D

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

td said...

I can't believe that guy is still around. I met him in South Beach about 10 years ago. Same intro about - said he was unarmed and harmless. Well dressed, but stinky!!! Went into the INFCF routine and quoted the survival time of a piece of fried chicken in an urban area in the US as being measured in nanoseconds... What a hoot. We gave him a bunch of dough for the entertainment. Later we bought him a drink when we saw him on the strip and then gave him some more money to scram when the "fragrance" became overpowering. Thanks for the laugh and the memories...


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