Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late . . .

Sorry that I've posted later today.

I have a cold.

I am sluggish.

However, I did get a lot done today! I'm also counting the days on ONE HAND until I see my son! Hello, Tennessee! We're leaving on Friday. Some friends of ours in Georgia have been gracious and kind enough to let us arrive at their house at midnight, or later, stay the night, then get an early start to Nashville.

I can't wait.

One good thing about having a stuffy nose: I discovered it was a great time to clean out the refrigerator. Now our house-sitter won't have THAT to say about me, at least.

On another note; I have often said that March is the best that Florida has to offer. March 1st did not disappoint. What a GORGEOUS day! It was so hard to stay indoors and do school. I did, however, take Missy for a walk (Jack is not welcome until he gets some better manners). For one month, I live in such a beautiful state.

I hope it's warm while we're in TN.


agable said...

So excited for you guys! March is my FAVORITE month :-)
Hope you feel better, though! Take lots of pictures on your trip!

Jessica Leigh said...

Unfortunately, I spent almost the entire day INSIDE!
That is, until I snagged 40 minutes with two of my favorite kiddos playing ball in the front yard. :D

Friday can't come soon enough.
2 midterms to go!


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