Friday, July 09, 2010

Newest News

Many of you on FB have already heard the wonderful news that Himself has been promoted to District Manager! I thought this would mean for Central Florida, but evidently it's for the entire state.

We're so proud of him!

We're also extremely thankful for the pay raise that comes with it. This will help so much with our efforts to become debt-free, though after doing the math it looks like it will take 36 months instead of 18. Still, it's a worthy goal and I am not discouraged.

The second thing everyone asks me is whether or not this means I will stop working at Disney.

Until we're debt free, I'll still be there (as long as they'll have me!). Plus, I was talking to a guy named Josh last night (one of the ones who trained me) and he says there's never really any reason to quit The Park. I could go to seasonal employment and work 2 or 4 weeks per year and still be an employee, with all the wonderful benefits that go with it. Something to think about, anyway!

Today is Dress Like A Cow Day. You can read about a previous time here! I'm supposed to be picked up for lunch so we can do this together. Time to find my Bessie Clothes!


agable said...

So proud of John! This is wonderful, exciting news. PTL!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaah! We missed cow day!

Bekah R.


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