Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Wonderful Wednesday

Yesterday was Mom and Ty day.

I went with him to get his haircut. Thanks, Ruthie!

I sat in the carport on a kitchen stool while he worked on brakes for his Brown-eyed Girl. I listened to him describe the process and his frustration with the parts-guy who evidently sold him the wrong parts.

Squatting on the ground and covered with grease, he held out the brake pad to show me how worn it had become compared to the new one. He looked up at me as he spoke and I looked into his blue eyes and suddenly he was three years old and I was helping him tie on his ninja turtle costume, and then he was five years old and holding a transformer toy to show me how the parts worked.

We all had dinner and watched a movie and while I was so tired, I was so content. He came to me in the evening and apologized that our day together was consumed by car parts, but how could I explain to him just how wonderful the day was, or that his hug at the end of it made it perfect? How can I explain that we don't have to DO when we can simply BE?

And oh, it is enough.


agable said...

This is beautiful. I am glad you could spend time with your boy :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Hey, you guys can just BE and work on my car any day. :) Thank you for sharing your day.


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