Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Stupidity Revisited

I can't believe we are in this place . . . AGAIN.

Twelve years ago, God yanked us out of our comfort zone and transplanted us clear across the nation so that we would learn and grow. We found out how poorly we had been handling our finances, how materialistic we had become, and we gained new prospective and priorities.

Eleven years later, we forgot.

I'm going through Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover book. What makes me so angry is that we KNEW this stuff! We had learned it in a very hard, very painful way! Now we have to dig ourselves back out.

Poor Glenna.

She'll be the one really affected by this. Kelly will be at college. Ty will be working and earning his own income. Glenna will get the rice and beans.

But she'll also be around to see us gain financial freedom! She'll see what hard work, sacrifice, and diligence can mean for peace of mind. I am praying for 18 months to becoming debt free (except for our house payment).

No, we can't go out to lunch or out to dinner.

God will have to make our clothes last like He did with the Israelites in the desert.

My book budget, except for Glenna's school, is on indefinite hold! Hello, Library. (I know BA doesn't understand this. She never buys books!)

So, here it is on the blog. Friends, feel free to hold me accountable and ask how we are doing. I will answer you honestly, even if it means a trip to the woodshed!

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agable said...

So proud of you! Being out of debt is a wonderful goal! Praise the Lord, with as much as it cost to have our Logan, God provided a way for us to pay it in full rather than going into debt. It's worth the rice and beans! Frugality is so chic these days :)


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