Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Don't Get Cocky!

It. Never. Fails.

As soon as I feel like I know what I'm doing, something happens to show that I need to be alert at all times.

On Space Mountain, I would have days where I finally felt comfortable with all the buttons, guests, and procedures. I was able to have instinct and anticipate needed actions - it was such a great feeling! I would even say to myself, "All right! I'm not a rookie anymore!"

Then I'd do something stupid like . . . oh. . . cascade the ride.

Monday at the office, I was finally feeling great about making a dental mold. I have to use two different materials; one sets rather quickly and needs to be shaped rapidly, while the other sets more slowly and I have a little more time. The mold I was working on was turning out to be the best one I had made!

I went to add the finishing touch of polishing with sand paper and SNAP! The whole thing broke right in the sink.

Tabitha, the one who had been training me, laughed and told me to crazy glue it.

Lesson learned? I thought I had done everything correctly, so what exactly is the lesson?

Umm. . . . don't trust a mold?

Expect the unexpected?

Teeth are gross?


Anonymous said...

Teeth are gross :).


agable said...

Teeth are gross. And to think I spent all of my elementary, middle, high school, and some of college wanting to be a dentist. What in the world was I thinking?
Have a lovely day! You are awesome!

Jessica Leigh said...

Not as gross as tongues! My choral prof was describing the vocal tract and informed us of the magnitude of our tongues. GROSS!

(Good thing YOU didn't leave YOUR lunch on the counter! :)


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