Friday, October 29, 2010

A Small Gesture of Great Significance

Dear Family at that Restaurant in Bronson, Missouri;

You noticed my Dad and his friends, a group of six senior citizens, were ooohing and ahhhing over the honey cornbread muffins. You also noticed my Dad was wearing his veteran hat that showed he served in Korea. You then sent an order of honey cornbread muffins to their table with the following note:


It's because of men like you that my family enjoys its freedom today. Thank you for serving our country and God bless.

You brought my Dad to tears that day, and he cried again when he read your note to me over the phone.

Thank YOU, and God bless YOU! And thank you for reminding me that a simple gesture means the world to our senior veterans. I hope I get the opportunity to do the same.

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Jessica Leigh said...

This is so sweet.
Our family's Korean veteran is coming home tomorrow with a new stint.


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