Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Don't She Write?

Kudos to anyone who can name that movie, though it's not an exact quote!

Things are crazy here. On one hand I have blessings galore with how well my children are doing. On the other hand, I have trials and I'm so busy. I'm afraid if I were to write what I was really thinking, I'd be carried off to the asylum!

Wait. . . a room to myself without interruption? Hmmm. . . .

Last weekend I was so angry at everyone and everything. It was probably best that Himself went out of town for a few days. I'm feeling much better now. How does the Jimmy Buffett song go? "The longer I'm gone, the closer I feel to you."

Ty and Jessie brought home all kinds of pumpkins last night! Two big ones are for carving on Monday with their Bible study group. The wee ones were for painting. I hope she posts pictures! =)


agable said...

I have days like that,usually resulting from a lack of sleep. I love you and I think you're terrific! One of the best mamas I know!

Jessica Leigh said...

Hey, but that lady with AT&T was reallllyyy hard to understand!

Mrs said...

Boy, was she ever! (But she was with Belkin.)

And the fact that I was so upset with Minnie Mouse ears on the entire time is the biggest slice of humble pie I've ever eaten!

It was worth it, however! Now you can do homework from our living room and we can see more of you!


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