Thursday, October 07, 2010

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

From February, 1986, to March, 1989, I worked in a hair salon. I dealt closely with the personal appearances of customers. I listened to their joys and their woes. I loved some and avoided others.

Then one glorious day in April, 1989, a baby boy was placed into my arms.

I went home and stayed there!

Now, 21 years later, I once again find myself in a position where I am dealing closely with customers, although now they're called "patients." I don't yet deal directly with their personal appearances, but I may some day. At the office, we listen to their joys and their woes. We love some and try to avoid others. (NO! Not really! You're all our favorites. YES! We LOVE when you come in!)

There are so many similarities to my previous occupation that it's uncanny. Some of the chemicals and substances used on teeth, believe it or not, are the same ones I used when making acrylic nails. They definitely have the same smell!

One thing that absolutely has NOT changed in 21 years is something that can be a source of fun or pain for me, depending on the situation.

I am writing, of course, about the music that plays over the speakers in the office.

I am a musician. Music is never, ever, background music for me. If it's on I have trouble focusing on conversations. Instead, I'll be listening for the spot where the vocals turn to harmony, my favorite line of a song, or that cool bass line that I know is coming up. My friend Diral was the same way - so much so that he would purposely make sure music was OFF when guests were visiting. "If we're going to talk, let's talk. If we're going to listen to music, let's listen to music." I thought this was so strange back then, but I fully appreciate it now!

The music at the office is delivered regularly via the U.S. Postal service in the form of two CDs. We upload them into two different players; one is for the speakers that everyone hears, and one is for patients to select for their headphones while a procedure is done.

When I was working in a salon 21 years ago, the music we listened to was, of course, 80's pop. Sometimes there'd be some songs from the 60's and 70's, depending on the radio station or whether the boss was in the shop.

At the office, SURPRISE! The music is a blend from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and even some 90's. Every once in a while, there will be current pop as well. All of this tends to make me feel like I'm in a time warp or experiencing severe de'ja'vu.

"Wait. Are you here for a spiral perm or a dental cleaning?"

And have you noticed that leggings, scrunch socks, stripes, and sweater dresses are coming back?

The world is going through an awful lot of trouble to make me feel like I've never left the work force.


agable said...

So my question is, did you ever wear leggings, scrunch socks, and sweater dresses? I would LOVE to see pictures :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Love sweater dresses, but I do just fine without the scrunched socks!

Mrs said...

Angela, MAYBE. As in MAYBE I'll dig up some pictures because I definitely wore it all! I had to! Trends were my business as a stylist!


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