Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Way with Words

I am beginning to see why Tabitha, my co-worker, is someone whom Kelly loves so much from her years of working for Dr. D. I've decided to compile a list strictly from the words she chooses.

Words Tabitha uses:

This will be easy.

You'll get it.

You'll figure it out.

Keep trying.

That happened to me, too (or) I've done that mistake before.

That looks great!

Nice one!

You're so ready for this!

I can understand how you feel.

Words Tabitha does not use with me:

Forget it.

Never mind.

I'll take care of it.

Give me that!

I also love how she never rescues me from my failures. She's so patient and gives me room to try again, which always results in success, which in turn produces confidence. Instead of making me feel like I have just ruined everything and the world is going to end, she actually laughs out loud! I don't feel like she's laughing at me, rather she's laughing because her same struggles are now happening to me and she can so relate.

What a woman!

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agable said...

She sounds like a lovely person to work with!


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