Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Day I Stopped Hating Wal-Mart

I received this email from my Mom. The woman having treatment, plus her husband, were with my Mom when Dad died.

J left this morning, we had a good visit and Monday we took W for her second Chemo treatment. Afterwards we took her to Wal-Mart to the Salon and had her hair buzzed. It had been falling out and her head was so sore, it was time. I couldn't believe the operators there. I went in and told them what was going on and we needed someone to cut and buzz her hair off. The operators, three of them surrounded her, one held her hand, other one worked on her and the third one prayed. The customers were so gracious about the operators stopping their working on them, they too surrounded us and after it was over, everyone hugged W (customers too) and then they clapped for her. They wouldn't take a dime either, said that is what they do. They sure moved up a notch or two in my book.

Mine too, Mom. At least the one in a little town in New Mexico.

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