Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Leftover Photos

I was clearing out my iPod and found a bunch of random photos that I meant to post. Some go back to August.

Glenna's first day of school!
I have pictures of her siblings on their first school days. They're also wearing back packs and school uniforms! Only difference is that they're 5, not 15. =D Yay homeschool!

Kelly wanted to try on my glasses:
This is her with first cute haircut. Her hair is even shorter now!

I think she looks like my Mom in the 60's. I have a photo of Mom in a bathing suit wearing dark glasses like these. Because she's in a bathing suit, I won't post it. I can hear Mom's sigh of relief all the way from New Mexico.
Brothers are the best source of cool t-shirts. No lie.

Dinner date with friends! Ended at a frozen yogurt place for dessert:
Funny egg chairs. They're the complete opposite of anything I would ever want in my house!

The daughter who was supposed to be doing school was doing this:
I bought those to clean with around the house. I came home and found this. Hardee har har, Glennaviere.

Did I already post this?
Well, too bad! It bears repeating! GO BOLTS!!!!!

Thanks again, friend Jim!

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Jessica Leigh said...

I want Gurtzberry!!!!


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