Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Birthday

Himself went to paint for some friends of ours and took Glenna with him. Rather then stay at home with laundry and chores on my birthday, I decided to head to the Park!

It's so great being a cast member. I packed a lunch and put it in the Space Mountain Break room. I ended up eating there and chatting with my friends. =)

Here's my Mom moment:
I was trying to click a photo of me on the rocket, but the camera was reversed on my iPod and I clicked a photo of myself instead. I laughed so hard when I did this!

Now you can see what I look like when I'm trying to see something up close. I have to peer over the top of my glasses.

I took my time to wander in and out of shops, and also to see things I don't normally see when I'm with a group.

These two ladies were campaigning for Women's Suffrage:
If only women's lib could have stopped there, huh? ;-) Right to vote, equal work for equal pay. The End.

This sweet guest was meeting Aladdin and Jasmine for the first time, and she brought her Duffy with her:
I didn't need to stand in line to meet them, so I grabbed this photo as I was walking by. I heard Aladdin ask the girl where she was from and when she said Tokyo, he exclaimed, "Ah! Tokyo! We fly there all the time by magic carpet. We love it there!"

Next, I had to see this:

Birds, birds, everywhere!
The Enchanted Tiki Room. After the movie Aladdin came out, they refurbished this to include Iago, the obnoxious parrot from the movie. I am happy to say they made it over once again and it's now exactly as it always was! You can hear the beaks and wings clicking, and the flowers still sing. Ah, nostalgia!

I absolutely loved this when I was a little girl:
The Country Bear Jamboree! More specifically, it's the big fat bear singing, "There's [twang!] blood on the saddle, and [twang!] blood on the ground! And [twang!] blood all around . . . " My Mom remembered the time when I was a little girl and we were going to see the Country Bear Jamboree. I was just the right height that my elbow caught in the turnstile as we were walking in. I cried! She claims it ruined my elbow ever since (I can hold it out at a most disturbing angle). Actually, Mom, it was the other elbow that got caught.

Speaking of my Mom, the best part of my birthday was when she called me. We talked for a long time and I didn't care who was around me or where I was! I miss you Mom, and I loved chatting with you in the middle of Disney. I wish you were with me! I love you! The signal started to poop out and we hand to end our conversation too soon.

I also got a sweet voice mail from my Sister-in-Love, Mary Ann, who sang to me and called me beautiful.

And my son called.

And my daughter sent a message and said she'd call me later.

And it was wonderful.

After this, I met up with my co-worker, Lindsey, and her husband. I managed to secure some fast passes and we went on a few rides together before I headed home for my date.

My date!

Himself took me out to dinner, to Season's 52. We had this chile relleno appetizer that was to die for (scraped the plate clean) and then I had a shrimp dish. I also had the little dessert shooter - pumpkin pie. Delish!

Not a normal birthday, but a good one!

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