Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The weekend after my birthday, Kelly went on the Women's Retreat with me for the first time!

Here's us:
We have a woman who goes around snapping candid photos of everyone. I told her she could take a photo, but on my terms!
This was actually taken with my iPod. Still waiting for Mary Ann B. to mail the good ones to me.

This was taken after we had gone swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, showered, and fixed our hair. Hah!

Ok, Kelly no longer has to fix her hair. She has this adorable haircut and she just shakes it out after the shower and it's fabulous. If my hair was that short and I just shook it out at the shower, it would frighten young children.

The retreat was wonderful and the speaker was excellent. I loved that Kelly was able to connect with so many women at our church! I think it really helped the transition from high school to college. Every time I looked around the room to see where she was, she was chatting with someone else. I love the ladies at my church!

Looking forward to Glenna's first retreat in a couple of years!

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