Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Better Than New

Down the street from Glenna's prep school is a little consignment shop. It's in such a dangerous place for me, and I usually find myself browsing in there while waiting for Glenna to finish her classes. When I got back from New Mexico, however, I had a purpose! I wanted to finish decorating the downstairs guest room, or Grandma Room, as we're calling it. Both Grandmas will be staying there when they come for the wedding!

I absolutely love this store. They find furniture or take it on consignment, then they polish and fix and get everything in working order. Their prices are so reasonable! For the Grandma Room, I wanted some art for the walls and a small table to go between the twin beds. John had painted the room and painted the beds before I left, then assembled them while I was gone. It was ready for the finishing touches!

I found this cute little table. It had magazine racks on both sides. Perfect!

 So many great art pieces to choose from:

I picked up one of these beauties as a welcome home gift for My Kelly:

I also thought this white mirror would be perfect.

Here's the finished project!

From Better Than New I picked up the picture of flowers and the table,

and the mirror was perfect for the other wall.

Matching bedding sets from Goodwill, BRAND NEW, still in original packaging! Decorative pillow from Ikea.
The little chair with the red pillow is from Cast Connection at Disney. It's made of leather and I bought it for only ten dollars!

The art on this wall was found at the Youth Group yard sale to raise money for Kenya:
The bowl between the framed art is one that Himself's brother brought back when he was deployed to Jordan in the 80's. 

I love how it all came together, and I hope the Grandmas love it, too!


Raquel said...

Whoa, that's amazing! It looks lovely!

Jessica Leigh said...

I love the Grandma room!
Do I have to be a grandma before I stay there??

Mrs said...

You may stay there if you like, but there's a much hipper guest room in Ty's old room upstairs!

Raquel said...

I love it! I can't believe it's the same room!



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