Friday, May 18, 2012

The Trek Back

It felt like it was just too soon to be leaving and going back to the busyness of everyday life. I must have hugged my Mom and brother a hundred times. I got in the car and then remembered that I wanted pictures of the three of us, so I handed Glenna the iPod.

 Mark took these:

As his sister, it's my duty to give him instructions.

 This is one of my favorites!

 It was heartbreaking to leave. My consolation was knowing that Mom would be here in Florida, in July, for a very special event! I can't wait to see her again, and I wish Mark could come, too. I treasured our time together so much.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. The last time we were all together was when my step-Dad passed away, and I had thankfully insisted on photos then, as well. I'm so, so thankful I did. They're the last photos we have of Boyd.

I was talking to Mom the other night and she said that she feels the Lord brought Boyd back from his wanderings these past two years so we could all have him for a little while, get to know him again. This would have been even more devastating if we hadn't had these years together.

What I'm about to say does not apply to those who are physically or mentally harmed by someone and need to protect themselves by keeping a safe distance. But are any of you fighting or feuding with your family? Is there someone you haven't talked to in years? I tell you, it's not worth it. Choose love. Love allows God to do His work in others without you having to take it personally. Love allows you to have compassion, gentleness, and understanding from a God's-eye view. Love doesn't care about imperfections. Love speaks truth without hurting because there are no other motives than genuine concern. "Love keeps no record of wrongs." (1 Cor. 13) Forgive and choose love, because NONE of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

Glenna and I began our long drive back to Albuquerque. We stopped in one small town because it was traditional - it's also the place where cell phones begin to work again! (There are NO cell phone towers in Mom's small town.) We stopped at the corner market for some:

. . . and
We thought for sure this beef jerky would be oh, so good because GREEN CHILI! 

It was awful. It had no seasonings or salt. The original was worse! Both required these:

Our disappointed faces:

We stopped just south of Albuquerque to visit with my cousin and his family. Here's one of his grandsons!

Cautuion: Severe cute attack ahead!

How to describe his walk? Drunken sailor, gorilla, and toddler all in one.

My cousin had many dog piles everywhere. Here's one:

And another.

Yet another:

And still another!

My cousin Norm with his granddaughter, Jade. =)

Vicki! She's responsible for the care and keeping of Norm. And the dog piles. And everyone else.

Jacob, their son. =)

Crystal, the daughter-in-law and mother of the cuties!

In New Mexico, in pretty much the entire state, you can wear your guns unconcealed. You can also exercise the right of free speech because, "'MERICA".
 (Sign reads: Worst President Ever)

One more land and sky shot!

Back at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Norm's, my cousin's other daughter-in-law was there with her own couple of cuties. This is Annalece. =)

 And this is DJ.
 Their Daddy, Norm and Vicki's son, is serving in Afghanistan right now. 

 The red-headed wonder, Michelle! Norm and Vicki's daughter.

 Aunt Sandy and Uncle Norm have the most beautiful, peaceful yard. They have a ton of those solar lights in every shape and form, and at night the yard becomes magical.

One more night of New Mexico, then Glenna and I would have to head home.


Jessica Leigh said...

I love all of these posts and pictures! Makes me feel like I'm getting to know your family! I can't get any of the videos to work, so you'll have to show me sometime.

Phyllis said...

Does that baby ride horses daily? :-)

Mrs said...

Phyllis, so it would appear! They said he just stopped walking with his hands up over his head. Wish I could have seen that!


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