Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chili, Happy Landings, and Gratitude

Our last morning in Albuquerque, we awoke to a box of donuts sitting on the counter. Glenna and I started to assemble items for breakfast when Uncle Norm said, "I think Sandy is about to make some breakfast."

This is how Aunt Sandy makes breakfast:

She'll start pulling stuff out of the fridge, then Uncle takes over.

 Glenna is ready to travel! But first . . . 

Eggs just the way I like them, sausage, fruit, and toast.

Glenna had two eggs and two sausage.

Oh! And we both dove into the last ingredient of a New Mexico breakfast:
Uncle's Chili! Just spicy enough and oh, so good!

As if providing housing, a vehicle, petrol, and delicious food weren't enough, Aunt Sandy also had this bowl of candy sitting out on the table: 

When I complimented her on it, she smiled and said, "Oh, I thought you and Kelly and Glenna would each like to pick one out." 

What the WHAT? Would we???!!!?!

Glenna chose this one.

 I had a little more trouble choosing:
We agonized over which one to give Kelly. The one in its proper place on my ring finger is the one I chose for me. The one on my pinkie is the one we chose for Kelly. She absolutely loves it! 

The rings belonged to my Dad's cousin, Elaine, who passed away a couple of years ago. She left her jewelry to Aunt Sandy to do with as she pleased. All of the rings looked like they were from the 60's or 70's.

I love the Albuquerque airport. Just a few miles from Aunt Sandy and Uncle Norm's, it's full of classic New Mexico art and architecture. This statue is the first thing to greet us when we arrive, and the last thing we see when we leave.

The furniture and rugs immediately tell us that we're in the Southwest:

 "Mom? Did you just take a picture of the floor?"

Oh hush. Do your school.

 My Mom gave me such a gift when she bought a ticket for Glenna to come with me.
 I don't know how I could have made it through everything without her. God knew how much I would need her on this trip. 

By the time we hit Atlanta, however, she was toast. She was so ready to be back to the familiar. I would have carried her in my arms through that airport if I could.

Finally, Florida!
So glad we went. So good to be home! Then, four short days later, My Kelly was home from college for the summer. This, then, is what it means to have a cup overflowing with thankfulness.

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agable said...

You're so great :)

Love the ring on every finger look!


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