Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What We Did On Thursday

Jack rightfully interrupted these posts. He was such a good dog and will be missed tremendously.

I did, however, want to finish documenting our NM trip!

The morning was beautiful and began with a sighting of six mule deer in Mom's pasture. Once they realized we were watching, they effortlessly and gracefully leaped over the pasture fence and bounded away. Now I know why crop fences are much higher!

Mom's neighbor, Pete, had started a garden in a mini greenhouse and then had to go to California for some business. We helped ourselves to fresh spinach and Romaine and I made green smoothies for everyone.

Look at him. One would think I was asking him to drink poison. ;)

They all declared it, "Not Bad" but Mark also dubbed it Pond Scum or Colon Cleaner. Mom, I figured out that any kind of chard makes it pretty grassy! May want to stick to spinach and Romaine.

Our main task of the day was driving 50 miles to Silver City in order to pick up Boyd's remains. Oddly enough, he and Mom had discussed a while ago what his desires were should anything ever happen to him, and his desire was cremation. Grief can be funny and make you do funny things - like put Boyd in the middle seat as we drove around because that's how siblings pick on each other. (Boyd hated riding in the middle!)

Silver City is a small town, but compared to the town where Mom lives, it's huge! They have a Walmart, hardware stores, Old Town section with antique stores, and Albertson's. There's a hospital and a brand new shoe store. I think we hit them all but the Old Town section.

At the hardware store, getting things Mom needed. Mark took care of so many projects!

This is SOME of the chili available at the WalMart. I say some, because I'm standing in front of probably 1/4 more but a pole was in the way.
New Mexicans love their chili and put it on absolutely everything. You can order a pizza with green chili, or a hamburger, or breakfast at Sonic's (with a side of green chili). I love it.

Hair product called Gorilla Snot. I kid you not.
I love how it was also written in Spanish; Moco de Gorila.

Gathering up green smoothie ammo.

Beautiful sky on the way home. It's about an hour drive over winding roads.

Glenna snapped this photo of the ranch where Mom and my step-Dad lived, owned by dear friends Jenny and Hayden.

Turns out that we were in Mom's town at just the right time! Each Thursday night, down at the Blue Front Cafe, pickers have been gathering to play music together. If there were to be guitars, fiddles, stand-up bass and mandolin, we knew we'd have to dance! We practiced in Mom's tiny living room to make sure we all still knew how.

Oh, the hilarity!

This is my brother, imitating my graceful mother.

My turn!

Glenna was so shocked. She told her sister later, "Suddenly, Mom got up and started dancing all these dances that I had NO idea she could do!"

We learned how to dance from Mom, then Mark went and got really, really good at it in the 80's and 90's. Those gals would fight over who got to dance with him next and he would barely be able to catch his breath.

I told Glenna that this was an opportunity she did NOT want to miss. 

These pickers were soon joined by another guitar player and another fiddler. The woman to the left with the mandolin is named Dee. Mom can correct me, but I believe at one time she had played with Ernest Tubb and Little Jimmy Dickens. She's great!

Glenna recorded one of their songs if you're interested in listening. 

John and Cathy M. were there, too. (John to the left in cowboy hat.)

Glenna loved the voice of the man singing this song. They all took turns singing. 

Some of the dancing (we were the only ones) was done by the front door.

Some was done right by the band. We had a blast and no one cared!

Uncle Mark shows Glenna how to 10-step.

Oops . . . 

Now they're together!

Oops again . . .

She's getting it!


Cathy M. wanted to join in, too!

This town. . . how can I even describe the people there? They welcomed Mark and me with open arms and quietly supported us. They brought us food and checked on my Mom continually, surrounding her with love. Glasses were lifted in honor of Boyd and Mom. We felt so loved and not alone.

Mark once again danced all our feet off. He danced with the ladies from Mom's Bible study. =) They loved it and wanted him to stay and be their dance instructor. If it weren't for his job and family in CA, he would gladly oblige!

This last video is one of my favorites. My Mom loves to jitterbug and she's such a natural:
Easy to see where Mark got it from!

The band played for two hours and then I thought they were done, so I started gathering purse and sweater and saying goodbyes. Mom said, "Where you going?" 

"I thought we were leaving?"

"Oh no, we're not!"

I was OK with another hour of music and dancing. The band just needed a little break and then got right back to it. You could call out songs for them to play but make sure it wasn't "any of that hippie music." 

Glenna tells the story later, "I danced country and western for the first time, and I went to a restaurant/bar for the first time. That's where I met half of Yaya's Bible study group."  =D

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