Thursday, August 30, 2012

Call to Order

The one area where I feel I've FINALLY gained control is my bathroom.  For three months now, the counter is clean and clear of clutter. The shower looks great, and the entire thing is cleaned regularly. I love walking in there in the morning!

I keep my makeup and hair items in trays or carryalls. Since I have no drawers in my bathroom, the choice was to either have everything all over the counter or jumbled in the cabinet. This way, I take the tray and carryall out in the morning, then I put it away when I'm finished. I know Himself really appreciates a clear countertop when it's his turn (because he told me so!).

Anything that has to be on the counter is in a cute tray from Ikea, nicely corralled.

I MOSTLY have control of the kitchen. That feels pretty good, too. Each day my goal is one load of laundry completed, plus making dinner. I don't always get the dishes done completely at night, so I'll finish them in the morning.

Then there's my bedroom.


Why can't I just throw everything away and start over? My room is the place Kelly tosses everything when she cleans the house before company, and there it sits until I can get around to it. I have all kinds of charts and plans for organizing my bedroom, but they have not inspired me yet.

Anyone else have victory with bedroom clutter?

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Anonymous said...

I saw your bathroom in July and was very impressed with it's orderliness (and you didn't even know I was coming over!). :D



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