Friday, August 10, 2012


For one of Jessie's showers, we were invited to wear hats. Glenna and I went shopping immediately (this is back in the day before THE CAMERA) and would you believe there wasn't a single mirror near the hats? How in the world were we supposed to see what it looked like?

I finally told Glenna to take pictures of the hats I was trying on, and then I did the same for her. What is it about putting on a hat that makes one immediately strike a pose?

Wasn't ready

I might go back for this one!
By the way - I had NO IDEA how expensive hats could be. Glenna or I would find a beautiful hat and fall in love with it, only to see the price tag. It got to where we would sigh with resignation, "Well, at least we know we have excellent taste."

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Jessica Leigh said...

One of my showers...LOL!


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