Saturday, August 04, 2012

I Follow!

I worked a shift at Space yesterday. I haven't been there in a month because I had a very busy July. At track talk with the manager, we were told that the last of the Brazilian tour groups had left for the season.

My friend, Carmen, shared this incident that happened while she was at Fast Pass Return:

The ride had gone down, and Carmen was spieling to the guests. One woman with three small children was distraught because she didn't understand what Carmen was telling her. Carmen found out that the woman was Brazilian and only understood Portuguese. Carmen tried speaking to her in Spanish, but the woman didn't understand.

Carmen began to look around for a Brazilian tour group. She called out loudly, "Does anyone here speak Portuguese? Anyone at all speak Portuguese?"

Suddenly excited, the woman waved her arm and exclaimed, "Me! Me! I follow Portuguese!"

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