Monday, August 20, 2012

I Will Bring Praise!

I didn't even realize that I had a sour attitude until I got to church yesterday.

I thought I was moving along pretty well, and even cheerfully, given the fact that I'm feeling a little sleep deprived and trying to catch up on rest after a busy weekend. I arrived at church and greeted my friends. I may have "hmphed" a little because Kelly was back at college and not up there singing with my Glenna and my friend, that Little Stinker Margaret.

After the first song and announcements, the music team started playing their set. That's when I looked over and saw her. I immediately started bawling, and I'm bawling right now as I write this!

Joanna was in church after almost SIX YEARS of being unable to fellowship with us due to illness. SIX. YEARS.

Joanna was home!!!

I cried the rest of the service. I cried after an abbreviated hug with her, thankful that I didn't put on perfume that morning! (I'm sure my flowery deodorant was too much as it was.)

She's been on such a journey and you can look back at it here, though she still has miles to go. Until Joanna went through it, I never even knew E.I. (Environmental Illness) existed. I have since become more conscious of my product choices though.

Welcome home, Joanna. It was a glory to God to see you! I saw Sunday morning through your fellowship-starved eyes yesterday and my heart was changed.

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Joanna K. Harris said...

THANK YOU FRIEND!!! I cried as I read this post. It was SO amazing to be back with you all again! Words can't describe what a privilege it is to be able to worship with God's family! I know for most people going to church is just part of "normal life" but for me it's a rare and beautiful treasure that I hope I will NEVER take for granted again! And seeing your sweet face and hugging you was the icing on the cake! (If I ever ate cake that is.) =)


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