Monday, October 28, 2013

A Happiest Time in a Happiest Place

I have noticed a recurring theme with Glenna in the back seat and me in the front:

March, 2013

October, 2013

No matter how many times we go, we're just so happy to be going to Disney! I feel like my year of work at Space culminated in our visit last weekend. The entire family (and Paul) spent the weekend at one of the resorts. It was such a treasure to be with ALL my babies (and Paul)!

Because of school and work schedules, we arrived the night before the rest of the family. I was thrilled to get a room in the back, in the corner, with nothing but forrest behind us.
We saw a wild turkey one morning!
I think we had only one person pass by, and that was Mousekeeping with a cart of towels. Speaking of Mousekeeping:

 I just love these little touches that they leave in our rooms!

The view from our window

There's a hidden Mickey at this site, and NO, it's not the obvious one right behind me!

We got settled in that first night and took the buses to Downtown Disney. I had heard of this restaurant there on our Quick Service Dining plan called Cookes of Dublin, and I wanted to try it out. Irish food! Sadly, they didn't have the Beef and Lamb Pie I was hoping to sample, so I ended up with chips (fries) and mini sausages in batter:
I guess to sample the full menu, one needs to go before 10 pm. ;-)

We took the bus back to our room and prepared for bed, eager for the next day when everyone else would arrive. Himself drove all the way to Kelly's school in the morning to pick her up. Now that's love!

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