Saturday, October 26, 2013


We have a patient at our office who, without fail, brings a bag of chocolate or some kind of treat each time he comes in. When he came in last week, however, he had nothing in his hands. We greeted him as cheerfully as we always do (because he really IS a great patient). It turned out that he needed a crown and he was able to come back later that afternoon.

He called before his second appointment and said he may be about 10 minutes late. When he finally arrived, he was carrying 8 of these:

We were of course delighted. Denise jokingly said that we were all pouting when he came the first time and didn't have any chocolate. His response has been sitting in my mind ever since:

"I could never forget sweets for you girls. Every one of you make me feel so special each time that I come here!"

Since that day, I can't help but think about how easy it is to make each person who walks through that door feel special, too. We may be the only smile they encounter that day!

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