Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Last year, Himself, Glenna and I went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (click Here to see photos). We had SO much fun, I wanted to take all my babies (and Paul) this year. It was kind of humorous to see their reactions when I mentioned needing a theme and costumes - but I realize I was, indeed, asking them to do something way outside their comfort zones. Those of us who had already been embraced the idea immediately and went for it! 

Now this is love: Himself GREW A BEARD and tinted it just for me. Also, he wore this wig:

He looked so different, like a Rock Star. I kept staring at him all night!

Wendy gets help with her bow from Princess Tigerlily

My costume was SO easy! Add sideburns. Voila!

Tyler made a PERFECT John Darling!

Slightly, a Lost Boy, complete with dirty face.

Holding the Hook

Let the Memories Begin!

Kelly paid for this photo bombing! See below.

A very familiar costume! Cast members directing us away from Main Street so the Parade can pass.

May I present: Wendy, John, Peter Pan, Princess Tigerlily, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Slightly

Jessie summed it up afterwards when she stated she felt like a celebrity walking down Main Street. We had so many people remarking on the costumes, and even cast members were calling out to us with, "You guys look so great!" Our theme was a big success, but none more than Himself. While people were asking for poses for photos of our entire group, he was continually stopped and asked if they could have a photo with him.

The cutest one was the grandmother of this little boy. She said all he had talked about or wanted to do was meet Captain Hook, and could he please have a photo with him?

The ride was closed for refurbishing, unfortunately, but we still got this great photo of John with John!

And the party begins! Our only discomfort was that it was still a bit warm, and Captain Hook suffered most. He said each time he wanted to break character and start stripping off the costume, someone else would ask for a photo! He braved through to the end, waiting until we went back to the car before tossing it all in the trunk (which was well past midnight). What a trooper!

More to come, of course. =)


Phyllis said...

Wow! You all should dress up again and set up a professional photo shoot.

jessie said...

Why is Dad wearing my hair?!!


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