Friday, November 28, 2008

Paper, or Stone?

Today, I was going through the Lonely Sock Basket (because that's what one does on a holiday weekend, right?) when I came across a yellow slip of paper. Yellow, not yellowed.

Written three times in a pattern to form a skull and crossbones, though I don't think that was intentional, were the words, "I hate my room."

I am thankful that my first thought was not "Oh yeah? Be thankful you have a room at all!"

You know how we parents can be.

My first thought was instant compassion for my child.

I know how it feels to be controlled by clutter. I know how it feels to be unable to throw things away "just in case." I know how it feels to scan a room and not see one clear surface.

We have been working together, this child and I, to gain tools for controlling clutter. I don't know when this note was written, but I have slowly noticed a change, an ability to let go.

I am so proud of ___________.

Hopefully, this will be learned now and not carried on into adulthood as it did with me. We struggle together, but we also mark each other's triumphs.

This week we were given a piano by some friends (thanks, G's!). So far, we've put nothing on its surface but three pretty candles.

I long for a Shaker-style home. This would be a home with few belongings since everything has a purpose. However, the Shakers believed that if it's worth making, it's worth making beautifully.

I am so ready to let go of so many things! I don't even want a garage sale. I just want it OUT.

Sometimes, I want to strangle the person who invented paper. Paper is my nemesis! It seems I gain at least a ream each day.

Then again, how awful would it be to have a bunch of stone tablets laying around?


Joanna's Journey said...

Next to the stone tablets you'd need a box of chisels so you could actually write on them. haha.
Thanks for the laugh. =)

Phyllis said...

I love Shaker style, too! My husband, though? His decorating style is Old Junk (and lots of it!).


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