Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book It

There are so many blog pages I want to read or linger over. I quickly hit the "bookmark" button and there it goes, right into my favorites.

Now I only need to set a day aside to read all the sites I've saved! Maybe one per morning?

Kelly and I were talking about personality differences. I'm fine with doing a little at a time, whereas Himself is more of a "right now or not at all" type of person. This can be frustrating at times, but I have also seen this used to great advantage in his life.

Says Kelly, "Yep, there's not a gradual bone in Daddy's body."

We received a phone call from our son this morning. Another day, another A. Way to finish out the diesel module, Ty!

We've also heard that his new roommates have arrived. Gone are the John Deere tractor sheets and loud commentary (his new roommate has plain black sheets, thank you very much). Jury is still out, but there's hopeful optimism that these two boys from the mountains in Virginia will work out just fine.

Lastly, I am hoping Florida will make up its mind on the weather. We go from sweaters to AC, often on the same day. Today the windows are open and we had a pleasant rain . . . who knows what tomorrow will bring!


Jessica Leigh said...

Ty makes it sound so easy, but I don't believe that for a second! I'm so proud of all his hard work!

So many books I've "bookmarked" to read. Hoping my hiatus are the airport might afford a chance to catch up on some missed reading!

BA said...

Mark said it was very hot and humid in Fl. I don't know if I miss that or not. Today was cold but sunny. The house is warm, warmer than our house in FL was during the winter. So I think I can handle the cold if it's sunny but it's more difficult when it's cold AND gloomy. At least it feels like Christmas!

Good for Tyler! When does he get home and for how long will he be home?

Better get back to grading :-).


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