Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday is Guest Star Day!

What a belly laugh this brought to me this morning!

Mrs. R, it looks like your writing classes have paid off once again, even down to the clever title. Thank you!


agable said...

This blog made me laugh so hard. I had to read it twice :)

Macphil said...

MrsR's husband is impressed. First he discovers that Tyler's baby sister has learned a bundle of stuff (what he really means to say is a lot of stuff), and she has written the greatest high school paper that he has ever seen, and she is only in middle school. Now he discovers her older brother has learned a plethora of expressive techniques and has mastered the artful conclusion. That Welsh family is a bunch of literate ne'er-do-wells. Some day when some of them are famous, he is going to say that he helped make them the writers they are. On second thought, maybe he will just keep his mouth shut. He is in enough trouble as it is. BTW: Never, and I mean NEVER, use "a lot" or "stuff" in your writings because if the sun comes up, you will get a quiz.
Isn't Tyler glad he has escaped the clutches of the evil MrsR?
Notice: I never used the first person in this rant.
MrsR's husband


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