Monday, December 07, 2009

Playing School

Hands in soapy water, I field one question after another from my daughters as they work on their school tasks. A spelling question, a historical fact, a question of logic; all of these flow freely back and forth in a natural dialogue. This is the learning lifestyle I had longed for 12 years ago when we first began our home school journey.

Of course, I don't always have the answers. This leads to some questions of my own:

I don't know. How could we find out?

Where would you look for that information?

What do you think?

Is the dictionary nearby? What about the thesaurus?

Learning by osmosis keeps a level of anticipated discovery in all of us. When we go to the encyclopedia to look up a fact, we can't help but read a few tidbits surrounding our quest. I love when I hear, "Hey, Mom! Did you know that . . . " or "Hey, Mom! Check out what this says!" or "Hey, Mom! This says one thing, but I'm pretty sure the other book said another thing. Do you remember?" This would be missed if we simply hit up Google or wikipedia! They only display one fact at a time!

So what if my encyclopedias are dated 1988. As long as we're not looking for current events . . .

This same principle applies to map work. Any time spent looking at a map will teach volumes more than a textbook with a workbook. At the R Zoo, they have a map placed under the glass of their dining room table. Perfect! I can't tell you the pleasure we've all had at their home, pouring over countries and continents. I can't tell you the stories of travels and peoples that come up in conversation because of it.

The part I hate about home schooling is how quickly I become the enemy. Unfortunately, I must also ask questions such as "Have you finished your science?" and "Did you do your vocabulary?" and "Have you started your math?" I have been reassured countless times that they're not mad at me, per se, but they're angry at the fact that they have slacked off and have fallen behind - again.

My favorite part of home schooling, however, comes when God shows me a glimpse of the work He is doing in the lives of my children. I am privilege to watch Diligence triumph over Laziness. I am a witness to Selfishness dying to Service. I watch intense spiritual battles turn into spiritual victory, and I want to sink to my knees in thankfulness. (I may have to do this one time, just for effect!)

How much I would have missed if my stubborn will had not given in to home schooling.

I had no idea it would be like this.

I had no idea it COULD be like this.

It has, unequivocally, been worth it.

I laugh with my fellow home school moms and count down to the day I will be finished with all of this and free from the tyranny of schedules and grades (four and a half years left, to any who are wondering). Still, there's a stronger voice telling me how precious and sweet this is. I'm not to wish it away or count it down, for just as that 9 pound, downy-soft infant became a 6ft tall man too soon, so this will end.

Too soon.

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Anonymous said...

It's true. Even during rough days like the one we had yesterday, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want them home. It's not always easy, always fun but it is rewarding on so many levels.

I so appreciate all the wisdom and encouragement you give to me based on your experience. I'm glad that you've "been there/done that" so I can benefit :-). Thank you!



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