Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Three sleepy heads
Upstairs in beds
(plus one guest more
put Kelly on the floor)

The sun is bright
My world is right
Himself is here
I'm so glad he is near

Our student's great
We easily relate
The house is clean
The tree is still green

And now my Friends
must dry my head
I'll write real soon
When not in a rhyming mood.

Because, let's face it; that's pretty cheesy.


Anonymous said...

So glad everyone's home. So I gather you're having a student? Where from? I hope that goes well! Merry Christmas :-).

agable said...

I love it! You're just so happy! Merry Christmas to the lovely Welsh family! I have a Christmas card for you guys.

Mrs said...

Welllll ANONYMOUS! Our student is from China. His name is Junting (like Hunting but with a ja). =)

Ty and Jessie came in late last night, which is why Kelly offered her bed so Jessie wouldn't have to go home at that ungodly hour.

Or maybe it's a godly hour. I never know these things.

Anonymous said...

Oops! It was just me, BA, but I bet you had a fairly good idea :-). Love you all. Enjoy being together!

Jessica Leigh said...

2:30 am is indeed an ungodly time.
I was so thrilled to sleep in the paisley sheets! Kelly's the best! :D

Thank you for the breakfast and hot tea. They warmed my insides. :)


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