Monday, December 28, 2009

Morning Musings

Countless analogies run through my head and wake me at 3 a.m.

Either that, or it was something I ate.

Still, a quiet house gives birth to quiet reflection. It has been such a wonderful week.

When my children were newborns and infants, my jaws ached continually. It wasn't some odd postpartum symptom that wasn't listed in the pregnancy books. Rather, I was so overwhelmed with the love that I had for my children that I had to clench my teeth in order to keep myself from squeezing them too hard!

I have felt that way this week. My jaws don't ache, but I feel like I'm so . . . full . . . that I don't think I can contain it any longer. Something is about to burst! Whatever it may be, I am full to the brim. I'm thankful that Glenna is such a hugger and cuddler. I can grab her just about any time and whirl her about the room or simply wrap my arms around her.

Thankfully, she's not so fragile anymore. I can squeeze as hard as I want. It's much easier on the jaw.

As far as being up at 3 a.m. goes; seriously, I need to watch what I eat.

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agable said...

Awe, you are such a loving momma. I'm glad this week has been an awesome one for you. I'm so sorry I couldn't catch up with you guys for lunch the other day! Ben had a great time. Happy New Year!


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