Monday, February 01, 2010

The Cat's Away . . .

...and the mice are sad.

I had to take Himself to the airport this morning. I don't want to name a specific hour because sure enough, some morning person will let me know how that's not early, just like people in the cold places of the USA will say that Florida is not cold.

Well, the heater's running tonight, folks!

Still, I am genuinely thankful to be in Florida. After a previous post about childhood homes, Mom wrote in to say they hadn't had power from Thursday to Sunday but at least they were warm because of the fireplace.

Did you know the well pump runs with electricity? Yep, no water, either.

Tyler was able to experience his very first ever snow day in Tennessee. The joy! Can you imagine? First of all, he was a home school kid and didn't really get the regular school holidays. Now he gets those PLUS a snow day! Here's his latest post, not about snow though.

Lord, please keep him safe and warm. Amen.


Jessica Leigh said...

I feel like that snide remark about morning people was directed toward me...

Not today, folks. I'm in bed and skipping school. For good reason. Too bad I don't have the excuse of a snow day!

Mrs said...

=D I forgot you get up at the crack of pre-dawn, Jess! No, that remark was directed NOT at people who get up early, but at people who LOVE to get up early and are bright and cheerful and full of conversation.

"If a man loudly blesses his neighbor early in the morning, it will be taken as a curse." Proverbs


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